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December 5, 2009

Photo Memories: Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, Sunset on Menemsha Beach

Winter in the city makes one long for summer skies.

At this point, you’re probably saying, “These pictures are nice, but doesn’t this woman know that Menemsha Beach isn’t in Maine?”  I’m not confused, just conflicted.  If you’d like to read more about what draws me to both Mount Desert Island (home to Cadillac Mountain) and Martha’s Vineyard (where you can visit Menemsha Beach), please click here.

November 28, 2009

Images from Martha’s Vineyard and Mount Desert Island to Satisfy the Soul on Thanksgiving Weekend

There’s something about coastal mudflats, a Federal-style doorway, and white church steeples.  They stir my soul in a way that, say, a desert wildflower and mountain canyon don’t – even though the latter are sights I admire. 

In his new book Eating: A Memoir, career editor Jason Epstein has given me the perfect way to describe what’s going on.  He calls it “the default landscape of my soul.” 

We all know about the power of childhood memory in determining which dishes give us comfort and pleasure throughout life.  And in the same way for me, my childhood in New England has yielded the landscapes I persist in seeking. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised, then, when I was looking through my albums on Shutterfly last night to see how certain images repeat themselves – regardless of where I am.  It was particularly striking with Martha’s Vineyard and Mount Desert Island, Maine, two islands that compete for my soul and allotment of corporate paid time off.

What better time to pull together these soul-nourishing images than on Thanksgiving weekend.

The blueberry muffins are a dead giveaway of the sequence of the Vineyard and MDI photos.  You may want to read more about how the islands are similar on my post about a Labor Day weekend.  If you’re a Vineyard lover who is now more curious about less-known, less-visited Mount Desert Island, you can find out more at OUR ACADIA.