Bass Harbor, Maine, Ready for Winter

I love trees with bare branches.  Beaches in winter.  Fishing villages off season. 

Bass Harbor is one such village.  Located on the southwestern portion of Mount Desert Island, it’s one of the most lucrative lobster-producing ports in Maine.  I was there in late October and the streets were empty.  


That’s not the case in the summertime when cars loaded with kayaks and trucks ready to load lobsters line up for the ferry to Swan’s Island.  Boat builders head to work at Morris Yachts.  Vacationers swing into the driveways of harborside condos, including the local success story for Maine Preservation, Underwood Wharf (below left), once the largest sardine cannery in Maine.  

But in October it’s even still across the harbor in Bernard, home of my favorite lobster pound, Thurston’s


Although seafood purveyor C. H. Rich is open year-round, the wharf is quiet. 


The buoys are off duty. 

Skiffs and traps are taking a break.



6 Comments to “Bass Harbor, Maine, Ready for Winter”

  1. Thanks for your post. I have vacationed on MDI many times, camping, and “discovered” Bass Harbor this last time. It’s not been touched by the touristy feel of Bar Harbor and now South West Harbor is just as bad.

    I hope this little part of the island stays just like it is. I would love to know what it is like in the wintertime. If you go there, will you blog about it?

    • Thanks for your comment. Bass Harbor has a very special, authentic feeling. I have friends who live there and in Seal Cove year-round. If I get to visit in December, as I hope to, I will blog about it. Do you camp at Seawall? Another favorite place…

      • We usually camp at seawall. I’m in a tent, my relatives in RVs. My elderly parents park their RV by the ocean for the afternoon. It’s a great place to camp. Sometimes we go to Blackwoods. It’s closer to the hiking and you can walk from the campsite to the loop trail. Lovely walk. Love, love, love MDI. I am so curious about winters there and what it’s like to live there then. Wish I could retire there…

      • Yes, I love, love, love MDI, too. I cry when i leave. I will entreat some year-round friends to help me create a picture of what it’s like in winter. Stay tuned and be well…

  2. We stayed in the cottage in the first photo, the middle white cottage. We loved it!! It was cozy and perfect for our winter getaway. The cottage owner is awesome, she made great suggestion and keeps the place nice and neat! The views were beautiful and there was easy access to all parts of the island. Such a quaint and relaxing experience, very happy with our stay. Book your stay soon.

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