Watercolor Workshop on Swans Island in Maine

You step on to a ferry and for six miles you gaze out over island-strewn Blue Hill Bay, glancing back at the spruce forests of Acadia National Park, then up at the screeching gulls.  You arrive at Swans Island.  You and your small group climb on to the dock and drive to the sprawling private home on the shore where you’ll be staying for the next three nights. 

Swans Island has only 350 year-round residents, mostly lobstermen.  But you are here to paint.  

Watercolor field kit in hand, mornings and afternoons, you select your subjects from among dramatic rock cliffs, Hockamock Head Lighthouse, a working harbor, an old quarry pond, the pebbled shoreline.  In the evenings you review your work with your teacher, acclaimed Maine artist Judy Taylor. 

Maybe you will come to see why Winslow Homer once remarked, “In the future I will live by my watercolors.” 

You can join Judy Taylor for this watercolor workshop July 20-23 by calling 207-244-5545.  The total cost of $650 includes ferry tickets, accommodations, meals, materials, and instruction.  Plan to reserve by June 15.

Then extend your stay on Mount Desert Island, wrapping up your trip to Maine with a weekend of hiking, biking, and sailing.  Mount Desert Island is home to a growing band of creative young restaurateurs who feature local ingredients, including, of course, lobster.  For more information on exploring, eating, and relaxing on Mount Desert Island, visit OUR ACADIA.




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