Where is Acadia National Park and why are you so obsessed with it?

Acadia National Park occupies about two-thirds of Mount Desert Island, which is 3-1/4 hours north of Portland, Maine.  You’ve heard of Bar Harbor, I’m sure, which is just one of the towns on the island.  Acadia is the only national park in New England and was established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, the first national park east of the Mississippi.   (You can find a lot more stats and key facts at www.ouracadia.com.)

I am passionate about it because of its incredible natural beauty.  It has the highest peak on the eastern seaboard and the only fjord in North America.  The mountains, dramatic coastline, glacial lakes, and boreal forests are breathtaking.  Most importantly, although there are over two million visitors to Acadia National Park each year, Mount Desert Island regularly ranks today as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  It has benefited from the efforts of a long line of generous preservationists, most notably John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  Really, Acadia National Park is one of America’s best examples of effective, historic eco-tourism. 


2 Comments to “Where is Acadia National Park and why are you so obsessed with it?”

  1. What many visitors don’t know is that Acadia National Park is the only national park to be established solely by private funding. Much of the land of the park had been gathered into a trust by a group that included George Dorr, the father of ANP, and Charles Eliot, then president of Harvard. That trust, begun in 1901, plus the land holdings that John D. Rockefeller, Jr. deeded to the park in 1935, form the bulk of the park on Mount Desert Island.

    Another unique feature of the park is that through the efforts of Friends of Acadia and many very generous benefactors, the maintenance of the trails and carriage roads is now permanently endowed.

  2. Thanks for a very informative and interesting post. Also let me add that Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England and it is the first national park east of the Mississippi River. Some the park’s facilities would be closed due to winter.
    I am working on a new website at http://www.recreationparks.net and have a park page specifically about Acadia National Park. You can find it here http://www.recreationparks.net/ME/hancock/acadia-national-park-southwest-harbor. I’d love to get feedback from you and your readers about the site, ideas for what regional information to add, etc. I’m hoping that many people will vote on the activities at this and nearby parks, since that information will let me setup a search to help people find activities that interest them, and lead people to discover new public parks.

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